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Details on the speedy Bitcoin Core/abc/unlimited patch to prevent a double spend inflationary attack on network:: CVE-2018-17144 Full Disclosure

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Speedy Bitcoin are back in the game!

We are writing to let you know that our service has resumed operation and deposits should be processed within normal timescales.
They went down due to a suspension of banking services.
My favourite broker service in the UK, despite the dodgy website. Tried Cryptopay while they were gone. What a faff!
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Speedy Bitcoin likely to stop operating from 4th May

From the email:
We are writing to let you know that it is with regret that we are suspending our service indefinitely from Monday, 4th May 2015.
Unfortunately owing to continued uncertainty in the crypto-financial market sector, our banking institution has been unable to continue to provide service to us.
While their decision is regrettable, it is understandable and the service and support they have provided thus far has always met or exceeded our expectations.
We have always striven to be a beacon of professionalism and dependability adhering to both the letter and the spirit of the law. To continue service with anything less than complete transparency to all involved parties would be against the founding principles of our service.
The Future
The past three years have provided a wealth of knowledge and technology that we will be looking to leverage to improve the experience for both buyers and sellers, embracing the core principle of decentralization upon which crypto-currency was founded.
We continue to work diligently to obtain suitable replacement banking facilities enabling us to resume our service operation. Should we be successful in our endeavour, we will notify all clients so keep an eye on your email!
Your Account
Our service will remain available for you to download any historical transaction records that you may have made with us until at least the 4th June 2015. Please ensure you retrieve all information that you want to keep to avoid any potential loss.
If you have any questions, please contact customer services at [email protected] or reach us via our website here .
A Final Note
Thank you for supporting Speedy Bitcoin, and we look forward to being back with you soon.
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Speedy Bitcoin prices are now listed on the UK Bitcoin Price comparison website BittyBot.

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Speedy Bitcoin Announces Suspension of Services

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Speedy Bitcoin Announces Suspension of Services

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@cz_binance: I obviously share different views on #bitcoin to Mr. Trump, but I do wish him a speedy and full recovery. All the best!

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The foundational principle of Blockchain, which Markaccy operates on, is a digital network that oversees the initiation of speedy and transparent Peer-to-Peer(P2P) transactions @Markaccy #Markaccy #TokenSale #ICO #bitcoin #ethereum #crypto #cryptocurrency

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Markaccy is a DeFi project on the Ethereum Blockchain that operates a service-based Marketplace model. It is a platform that coordinates speedy, transparent and trust-based @Markacc #Markaccy #TokenSale #ICO #bitcoin #ethereum #crypto #cryptocurrency

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Markaccy is a blockchain technology company created off the Ethereum blochchain. It is a decentralised finance project that offers speedy peer-to-peer transactions and services on its platform. That's why I like this project. #Markaccy #TokenSale #ICO #bitcoin #ethereum #crypto #cryptocurrency

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The foundational principle of Blockchain, which Markaccy operates on, is a digital network that oversees the initiation of speedy and transparent Peer-to-Peer(P2P) transactions, via secure channels @Markaccy #Markaccy #TokenSale #ICO #bitcoin #ethereum #crypto #cryptocurrency

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To anyone who is looking for a good equivalent to speedy bitcoin (RIP) try this site. The coins are transferred quickly and they have reasonable rates. I'm not affiliated in any way, someone put me onto speedy on here, so I thought I would return the favour.
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What do you think of these eight UK Bitcoin organisations?

I am wondering about your experiences with the UK's Bitcoin markets. I have only ever used BitBargain and InterSango (before it collapsed).
According to the UK is blessed with (in alphabetical order): Bitbargain - Bittylicious - Cryptopay - IBWT - Local Bitcoins - Kraken - (European rather than British). QuickBitcoin - Speedy Bitcoin -
It seems to me the main differences are: a) if you are buying from an individual (e.g. BitBargain and Local Bitcoins) or company (e.g. QuickBitcoin and Speedy Bitcoin) b) whether you need to be verified and, if so, the level of verification demanded (be that by a company of individual on LBC). c) fees (obviously).
I would appreciate any comments on these companies from UK buyers and sellers. I have only bought thus far but will start to sell at some point. Any positive, neutral, or negative comments are welcomed.
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ID requirements for UK exchanges.

I have always used Bitbargain but thought I would look at a few UK exchanges. Clearly I have been spoilt by Bitbargain's non-paranoid stance on ID.
Before I comment on each exchange, let me set-out my philosophy.
If I go to a bureau de change with £200 and want to change it into euros, I don't expect my ID to be requested and copied. If I go to the bureau with £5,000 and wish to change it, then I might well expect to be asked for ID.
My impression is that the major UK exchanges now ask for ID for any amount of transactions. Want to buy £10 of Bitcoin - provide ID. And it's not just ID - it's government issued ID plus address.
If I give my ID to Barclays, I suspect they will store it securely and I suspect the bank is "too big to fail". I have no idea how an exchange run by three people will store my passport scan. Additionally, exchanges often collapse. Speedy Bitcoin, for example, no longer exists. What happens to all the IDs and address documentation that have been collected?
In alphabetical order:
Bitbargain - can optionally provide ID to get better deals; can also verify phone to get better deals. No mandatory ID requirement.
Bittylicious - email / phone verification - allowed me to buy around £70. According to their website, as the account ages, one can buy more. Provide ID and one can buy more. At £1,200 total purchases, ID must be provided. This is a better approach to mandatory ID requirements.
CoinCorner - does not require ID upfront but has an intrusive form where they ask your DOB, occupation, where your money comes from - can ask for ID at their discretion (I imagine they routinely do).
Coincut - photo ID (passport / driving license) + bank card selfie [!!!] - for any amount (obviously I am far from eager to take a photo of myself along with my bank card and send it to them).
Cryptopay - photo ID (passport) + proof of address - for any amount.
IBWT - fund via OKPAY or via cash sent by post. OKPAY - photo ID (passport / driving license) + proof of address if funding by bank transfer - for any amount.
LazyBitcoin - photo ID (passport / driving license) + proof of address - for any amount.
Local Bitcoins - varies. Some sellers demand IDs plus selfies; a few (not many) are more relaxed if you are depositing cash in their account.
Quick Bitcoin - photo ID (passport / driving license) - for any amount.
Opinions? Comments? I know some will say "this is the cost of doing business with AML / KYC requirements" but I would say "so why the variation in policies? Why are Bitbargain and Bittylicious more tolerant? Why do you need to provide ID and address verification to purchase £10 of Bitcoin? Isn't the ethos of Bitcoin that it is different to the banking cartels? Why are the exchanges behaving like the privacy-violating banks?"
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speedybitcoin alternative?

hi, has anyone got a suggestion as an alternative to the genius which was speedy bitcoin?
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Any experiences of SpeedyBitcoin and BitcoinFridge?

We've added them to the sidebar. Both have adequate reviews or experiences on Bitcointalk... BitcoinFridge and SpeedyBitcoin
but we just want to know if any UK bitcoin redditors have used them and can give any feedback or reviews?
Additionally we have added flair to the subreddit if you want to show which marketplace you use Currently we have flair for: - Mt.Gox - Bitstamp - BTC-e - Localbitcoins - and Bitbargain
Let us know what you think of this implementation.
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@binance: RT @WazirXIndia: Boom! Within a day of enabling INR deposits, INR withdrawals are now live on WazirX 💪 What a speedy execution by team! 🚀 Now, let's build up the liquidity in our INR markets together! #Bitcoin $WRX #IndiaWantsCrypto

@binance: RT @WazirXIndia: Boom! Within a day of enabling INR deposits, INR withdrawals are now live on WazirX 💪 What a speedy execution by team! 🚀 Now, let's build up the liquidity in our INR markets together! #Bitcoin $WRX #IndiaWantsCrypto submitted by rulesforrebels to BinanceTrading [link] [comments]

Cheapest AND safest place to buy Bitcoins un the UK?

With the Bitcoin price on the fall, thought I'd finally dip my toe into Bitcoin. I've seen a few recommendations for buying Bitcoin in the UK and I've checked which has currently at the top. Is it really true that Bittylicious, Local Bitcoins and BitBargain just let anyone who wants to sell put up an advert?
Edit: Thanks everyone for their suggestions. As there was such diversity I decided that I'd do a trial myself (all with very small amounts it should be noted). Here's my rankings:

1 and

Easily the cheapest and fastest - mainly as Bitcoin123 didn't have any sign-ups whatsoever and the guy I dealt with on Local Bitcoins was lightning fast.


A little more expensive and I think my bank transfer took a while to get through. Otherwise very good.


Bit of hassle signing up, but otherwise simple and straightforward.
Oh, I didn't use QuickBitcoin or SpeedyBitcoin as their sign-ups were far too intrusive.
Thanks again everyone.
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List of UK Bitcoin businesses

I am making a list of UK Bitcoin businesses. My list also includes businesses that operate in GBP, or are seeking to operate in GBP. The list does not include merchants.
Which have a forgotten?
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GreenAddress with SpeedyBitcoin - The Use of Permanent Payment Addresses

I received an invite to join the UK based BitCoin exchange, SpeedyBitcoin. I'm pleased about this, since they consistently seem to have a low price.
However, I use the GreenAddress wallet, and the "Permanent Payment URL" is exactly that, a URL, and the SpeedyBitcoin signup form only allows for an alphanumeric address in that field.
My question is whether I am OK to just use a standard "receiving" address for my Default Address on SpeedyBitcoin. The FAQ in the signup states that this field cannot be changed once the account is created, yet my BitCoin receiving address changes practically every time I use it. If I use a particular Payment Address, then it changes, will payments sent to the first address still arrive at my wallet? Or are they gone forever?
Ultimately, should I continue using GreenAddress or switch to another wallet that supports a persistent receiving address, that doesn't use a URL format?
Thanks in advance for any help.
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Permanent Wallet URL - can it be used without the preceding "web" portion of the address? Example inside

I have a greenaddress wallet, with a "Permanent Payment Address" URL of (something like)
I'm in the process of trying to join SpeedyBitcoin, as they consistently offer a good purchase price for UK users. But the web form will not allow me to submit the above URL as my "Default Wallet Address." I'm wondering if I am able to use just the "FHsufhOAfheifhakaKK94HFhehfa" portion on its own?
Anyone Have any experience with this? Apparently SpeedyBitCoin are pretty strict about the input in that field, and once it's added, if you want to use a different wallet, you have to close and re-apply for a new account. I'd rather not have to dissolve and open a new wallet to just test access to this seller.
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